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Sound absorbing or visual separation.

It’s up to you !

Sound absorbing

myO products combine different issues. This can range from a need to separate your different spaces to a real need to reduce the sound environment.

We ensures acoustic well-being with a wide range of products that have been laboratory tested, to guarantee comfortable surroundings.

Try our
Woow box.

We have designed a space to demonstrate how a simple acoustic panel can make a big difference when it comes to acoustic comfort.

This box is made of materials commonly used in offices. Enter, close the door and speak out loud. Do you hear the reverberation?

Now, add the MYO panel by rotating the door. Speak again and compare.

The reverberation has disappeared, absorbed by the acoustic panel, the sound level has lowered and your words are perfectly clear!

In short, the MYO acoustic solutions will make you go “woow”!

Check out the video to hear the difference with and without the acoustic panel.

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